Don Davis

Art-whether it’s a song, a poem, or a painting-is simply the free expression of thought and feeling in some kind of tangible form…

I’m drawn to abstract painting because it requires the viewer to become an equal participant in the creative process.  The artist creates, then says to the observer, “Tell me what you see…

Every interpretation is as valid as any other-no two will be exactly alike-and even the artist can’t say what is right or wrong, because the work no longer belongs to him or her alone…

A painting is like a child.  You start with the best of intentions.  You try your hardest to mold and shape them-but each has a personality and direction of their own.  All you can do is pour your soul into them and hope they turn out well.

As a starting point, I look to the  Abstract Expressionist painters of the New York School-active in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Artists like Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning,
Barnett Newman and Franz Kline,

among many others…

These painters struggled during the Great Depression to find ways to survive without giving up their lives as artists.   As Rothko said, ‘We continued to paint when there were no collectors, no
galleries, no critics, and no money.’

My goal is to absorb, synthesize, and respond to their work-while adding something of my own.

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