Reine River

Art is the medium through which I am compelled to express myself. It gives me joy and dignity to be able to present my thoughts and processes in the manner through which I perceive the world. My intent is to provoke viewers to examine, contemplate and reflect upon the world through forms and ideas that may have not occurred to them otherwise.

I am deeply inspired by people and their unique lifestyles of cultures and subculture from all over the world. When I was a child my father traveled to 24 countries and brought me back a doll from each. This exposed me to unique customs and cultures that continue to influence my work. Some examples include in North African, European, Native American and American. When we moved from Europe we came to the Midwest and eventually settled in California. During our cross-Country travel I was awed by the beauty of the changing landscape and was struck by the poetry of horses. The rich fabric of people and places left an even deeper impression within me. It was a poetic vision to my young artist mind.

My art signifies unique lifestyles and places from all over the world. Examples of those include rural life, ranch, rodeo, travel, as well as elements and textures of my own city life and more. My artistic styles range from experimental, punk, pop-culture, tunisian, and Americana. I like to paint the horse as my figure of choice in my personal interpretation as figure artists paint the human figure. I am presently incorporating and blending surrealism into Western art, and use elements of the high desert where I currently make my own.

The media that I work in our acrylic, oil, watercolor painting, pastels, graphite; assemblage, ceramics, sculpture, photography, sophisticated printmaking techniques, fiction/non-fiction writing and poetry. I make my art using various Materials; canvas, paper, paint, Clay, unique found objects, metals, leather, fabric, wood, words, music and performance.

My art expresses to my viewers the invitation to travel with me and experience my subjects as I see them not so contrived. It expresses a passion for life, truth and imagination. It challenges the status of perception. I would describe my work as bold, nontraditional, evocative, and continually evolving.

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